1.0.8 update (Windows MIDI lingering notes)

Hey guys,

I’ve released 1.0.8 for download.

It contains a fix for double noting off, which should improve Window MIDI lingering notes (but not necessarily completely eliminate them.)

I’ve started bootstrapping a framework for building multiple AI improvements for pitch. As such I’ve been analysing some of the pitch behaviour and found that we double note off, which is a bug! This does not cause any issues on mac because of the efficiency of CoreMIDI, but on Windows sending two messages at exactly the same time will cause problems because the MIDI ports need a bit of breathing room to send messages.

What I have found is that it should improve things for Windows, please report back if it helps or not (@PhotonBoy). But the octave jumping problem still exists and can create this problem. I am working on a machine learning system now for defeating the octave problem. I’ll keep you guys posted.


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