1.3 Pitch Update

Hi everyone, we’ve now fixed a couple of initial bugs and Dubler 1.3 is now back and ready to be downloaded!

This update introduces improvements to the pitch algorithm that we have been working on over the past 6 months! One of the biggest challenges and requests we have for Dubler is to improve the pitch. This is difficult because the human voice naturally wavers and has breath noise which can make it hard to translate into clean MIDI notes and capture the tempo of a quick melody. We have introduced major changes that go a long way towards dealing with both of these challenges.

  • Pitch track is more accurate and robust allowing for better tempo tracking
  • Stickiness can reduce vibrato, reducing note flicking during note sustain
  • Less ghost notes at the end of notes
  • Better performance: 10% CPU improvement when singing

You can download now via www.vochlea.co.uk/download

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