Audiointerface 4 Kanal with Doubler2 and Ableton?

Hello, with Doubler2 and the simultaneous use with a DAW, like Ableton, you need a 4 channel audio interface, I only get Doubler 2 to work if I give Doubler2 the Asio4All and Ableton the Asio from my 2 channel audio interface Steinberg Ur22c. Give it a Handbook of Doubler2?

Hi, I believe I responded via email on this, but just for anyone else having issues this isn’t to do with the amount of channels available on an interface but rather the interface’s drivers. In order to use an interface with both Dubler and your DAW is requires multi client ASIO drivers which mean multiple apps can access them at the same time.

I’d recommend reading our FAQ on compatible interfaces here - FAQ | Vochlea Music

Let me know if you have any questions though

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Thank you. Could I use the M-Audio M-Track Solo for Dubler, with the M-Audio Asio, and at the same time use my Steinberg Ur22 C Asio for Ableton? Furthermore, how can I then select the Asio with the Dubler microphone that Dubler 2 should then use? Please excuse me, my English is not good and it is not easy to understand everything related to Dubler 2. Thanks

I set up the M-Track Solo audio interface, I can select the Asio from the M-Track Solo at Output, everything works fine. Thanks. The Asio from M-Track and the Asio from the Steinberg Ur22c are now also active in Ableton, everything is going great.