Cant drag midi data from plugin to DAW

Im using LMMS as my DAW. It, sadly, does not support VST3’s directly.

So im using Vestige, to run Element, to run the dubler-midi-capture.vst3.

Everything records correctly, but when i go to drag it into LMMS, it gives me a ‘⊘’ symbol for a mouse cursor.

Is there a way to export the clean midi data as a midi file? (.mid or a .midi)

Or does anyone have any other ideas?


Hi, it’s not something we’ve tested with but will take a look into this. You should in theory be able to drag the MIDI clip onto your desktop or other folder.

Are you able to drag the clip anywhere else outside of LMMS and see if you can then move it in after?

dragging onto my desktop created a .mid file, and i could easily import that into my DAW. thanks a lot!