Dubler 2 PC Equipment recomendations

Hello, I purchased Dubler 2 awhile back and just installed on my new PC. I just ordered teh Vochlea USB microphone. I have a PC and it sounds like I need an external audio interface. What do you recomend? Would the Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen be okay? I want to get advice so I am not wasting money or time. I want this to work.

I also have a macbook pro but prefer to be on my PC for this. Thank you for your time and effort. Looking forward to getting creative.

Thank you!

And if the answer is to go with macbook Pro I can do that, but have a high end PC that I prefer to use. Thank you again


Thanks for the message. Because you have ordered the Dubler USB mic you will be able to use Dubler without an audio interface (as long as your device meets our minimum specs). This is because our mic comes with its own ASIO driver allowing users to get the low latency performance needed.

If you were looking to calibrate your own mic on a Windows machine - without an audio interface -you would need to download ASIO4ALL. However, this would be different if users were using a Mac computer as they also have their own in-built ASIO driver. So users can calibrate their own mic without the need of ASIO4ALL.

In general though, the Focusrite Scarlett range of audio interfaces are good and is what we use in our office!

I hope this was helpful - let me know if you have any more questions. You can also contact us on help@vochlea.co.uk if you need anything from us!

All the best,

Thank you! So I’ll be good with the mic. That wasn’t as clear to me when I ordered otherwise I would have gotten them together. Thanks and have a blessed and safe year!


One more item. What I am not certain of is:

Audio interface with multi-client ASIO Drivers

I have an Omen 30L gaming PC. The sound is integrated in its motherboard

Is that multi client ASiO driver compatible?

It’s a high end PC with Ryzen 7 32GB ram and high end graphics card. Just has an integrated sound card.



No problem!

The Multi-client ASIO driver’s are related to audio interfaces rather than the PC/device. Your PC seems to be high spec so should be absolutely fine!

If for some reason it does not seem to be working - contact us and we can trouble shoot the issue for you through email or a video call.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

All the best,