Dubler creating speaker robotic feedback


After following installation and set up instructions, everything seems to be working. But when using the dubler there is a robot feedback in fl studio that also affects the synth that is triggered. And makes it impossible to use, I’m unable to figure out why, any information appreciated.


Hi Dale,

When you mean robot feedback, does the audio sound distorted and choppy or is there actual feedback loops that happen? Is it only when using the Dubler mic or does it also happen when you playback anything in FL Studio?

Could you send us a screenshot of your audio settings in Dubler such as what audio driver you are using?

Also feel free to drop us an email to help@vochlea.co.uk if you want to go through this via email!


Hi Liam i have responded via email, the sound is the same on all projects with or without the dubler on, open or plugged in.