Logic Input/Output Question

It seems like Logic will only allow one input device at a time, effectively making it so that in order to use Dubler, I have to bypass all my other inputs. (And reset my outputs a bunch of times before it works right) Please tell me I’m wrong… this was super simple in Ableton…

Basically I want to record an instrument with Dubler and another microphone simultaneously, but Logic only lets me select one input source at a time. Is this a Logic problem or a “me” problem?


Hi Glen,

This should be possible with Logic. In the audio settings make sure to select the input to whatever the mic or interface your using, (Dubler doesn’t need to be an input in the audio settings) and make sure Dubler is selected as a MIDI input

Then to record to an Audio and a MIDI-track simultaneously, select the Audio-track in the Arrange window, record-enable it, and then select the MIDI track while holding the Shift key

Apologies I don’t have any screenshots to share as I don’t have logic on this laptop at the moment, but let us know if that made sense at all!



If you want to use multiple audio interfaces in logic, (if you need to use the Dubler microphone as an audio input) you can create an aggregate input…https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202000