MIDI detection gets "intervening" notes I don't want

Hey gang,

Just got my Dubler kit (w00t!). When I sing the C-Major scale, Mary Poppins-style (“Do, Re, Me, …”) the Dubler software detects a lot of sharps/flats which shouldn’t be there. Is there something I can do to remedy this?

Edit: I should mention using Dubler’s restrict-to-scale feature isn’t ideal here, because I’d like to be able to intentionally since a flat/sharp, should I choose.


Hi Jeremiah!

When using the chromatic scale in Dubler, unless your singing is pitch perfect, there can be sharps/flats quite often. However we have a few features that should hopefully help improve this. The biggest one is adjusting the pitch stickiness and sensitivity in the control settings

It’s really about finding the balance for your singing style. Pitch Stickiness determines how close you have to get to another note before the MIDI information will change. A high pitch stickiness will make it easier to hold a note but also harder to change from it.

The sensitivity allows for a more accurate control depending on singing or input style. A higher sensitivity will pick up more information from your voice and would be recommended for quiet singing or humming. Higher sensitivity can be more susceptible to background noise and a lower sensitivity might be preferable for louder singing styles with noisy backgrounds.

Also outside of that, using custom scales (As in adding or removing selected notes on the in app keyboard) or also using the note collector feature can also make sure that there will never be any unwanted sharps or flats

If you’re still having issues with the pitch to MIDI after some adjustments let us know and we can look into this further with you!

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Thanks Liam! Will give your suggestions a go.

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