No more Dubler logins!

We have released Dubler version 1.2.6 to go along with this licensing update. Please update to this version for the best experience with the new no login license. You will have to do a one-off login after installing 1.2.6.

Since release, Dubler’s licensing system has required once weekly logins to keep your license up to date. We listened to the community and how that does not work for some people. For instance, people who do not have a regular internet connection or simply dislike the weekly login requirement. We agree, logging in once a week is too often!

We are updating this licensing system such that after your initial login, you effectively won’t have to login again. This will take effect the next time you login.

There are only certain situations where you will have to login:

  • You login to Dubler on another machine.
  • We release a major update requiring the license to be updated. This will be extremely rare .

In the future, we will be reviewing the licensing system altogether, to see how we can make it even better for all our users.

Let us know what you think!


Do we just download the full installer from or is there a separate download/update process if it’s already installed/registered?

Hi, yes right now you simply download from the original link and reinstall from there

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Hi Daven

It’s Michael Jones who you helped out this week when I purchased Dubler Kit,
that’s amazing news, because of not being on the net at home at the moment
I did download Dubler on to my portable laptop so I could login once a week at
places like coffee bars or the local library, and then took It home ware I’m not on
the net plugged my laptop In to my home DAW using a USB to MIDI
cable, loaded Dubler In my laptop and what ever sound I chose on reason on my
home DAW the microphone would play so Dubler software In my laptop can
be used the same way as a master keyboard. but I’m even happier with this great
news you’ve come up with, because I’d much rather Load It In to Reason on my
home DAW as a player because my laptop Is only a normal family laptop with not
much CPU power. I’m going to take my DAW to my friends tomorrow and Register
Dubler on there now, Thank you so much for the great news Its well appreciated

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Hi Mick! That’s great news, I’m so happy this change is going to help you out a lot. All the best!

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Cheers Daven, I can’t wait to get to know the software better. I’m just checking out on youtube how to set It up as a player In reason 11 suit. haven’t found nothing yet, but I have seen It used in reason. If you know of any Instructions for setting up In reason that would be great.

Thank you for your time Daven.
Regards Mick. :@)

REALLY??? I am up to Dubler 1.2.7 and internet connection is still required every time I open dubler. OK, I open it on 3 different machines, but EVEN on one machine I am required to log back in to access the program every time I disconnect from the internet. ( I use Mobile Hotspot or tethering).
So this doesn’t seem to be true.


Hi Matthew,

This is definitely the case now, but yes, logging into other machines will logout your previous machine. It’s good to hear you’re able to use Dubler nicely across 3 machines.

If you’re having problems, we can arrange a support call