Pitch off one step

Got everything set up easily. Started singing and found the pitch recognition is off 1 whole step. I play a C on my keyboard and match the pitch with my voice and double triggers a pitch one whole step lower. If there an adjustment somewhere that I am missing?

Ah you’ve messaged here too, Geoff :slight_smile:

I’m glad we’ve sort of got you sorted out, but please let me know exactly how to recreate the issue if it plagues you again. I’m going to spend some time over the next few days trying to understand and fix this bug.



I have the same issue; I work at sample rate 48.000 and I have to switch to 44.1 for dubler to recognize the correct pitch…

Hope this helps…

Hi Mukaku that does help. I’m really convinced now that this is a sample rate issue. But I have a major issue in that the Dubler app itself has no sample rate changing facility :slight_smile:

Where exactly are you switching the sample rate exactly? Can you provide a screenshot?
If I know where you’re changing the sample rate, I can recreate and come up with a fix.

If anybody else is having this issue, please give me details or screenshots! Thanks so much.


Yep. I emailed Devan that I thought it might be the sample rate and after changing to 44.1 and restarting everything the pitch was correct. Somewhere there’s something causing the issue. They’ll find it.


I’m on Mac and I switch to 44.1 in Ableton Audio prefs and/or Logic audio project settings…

Of course, a dirty workaround is to have a midi transpose plugin pitch up the midi 2 semitones in any Daw, allthough the initial de-tuning is probably not exactly 2 semitones…

Hey guys quick update,

We’re currently coding away to fix this issue. Expect an update very soon :slight_smile:


Yeah same issue here in ProTools… I need to stay at least 48khz for the film projects I work on so hoping the update fixes that!

Hey guys good news, there’s an update out 1.0.4 for macOS download it from vochlea.co.uk/download and let me know how it goes.

This bug near exclusively affected our macOS users because of the way the macOS audio chain works. We will be releasing a Windows 1.0.4 but as we need to update our ASIO driver for Windows to go with it I don’t want to release it tonight.

Thanks Daven! I’ll run it through it’s paces later today. Appreciate the fact work!

Hey guys is this now fixed for you?

Hello Daven,

I instal the update but Same issue here !! , Pitch not correct ,
Sing a C , got a G ,
and now the App Crash when I quit …
I work in 48Kh … Work on Mac

Hi kc - thats a whole 5th difference! Does this issue go away when you run at 44.1? It sounds like it could be a different issue altogether

Hi kctaylor, there’s a new version 1.0.5 available at vochlea.co.uk/download which should fix the crash on close.

The crash on close in 1.0.4 usually only happens if you don’t have the vochlea mic plugged in. Can you confirm the Note bug on 1.0.5, using the Dubler microphone, maybe with a video?

As Cam said, the note difference is so large is seems like a different issue.


hello… finally got the time to try this out.
I too am having problems with the pitching recognition.
I am getting a pitch of one tone down.

running windows 10 with focusrite saffire.
I have tried both 44 and 48khz.
makes no difference…

jon o

Hi, this should have been fixed after version 1.0.4. Which version are you currently running?