Possible to trigger two sounds simultaneously?

Hi there y’all. Brand new user here. Please pardon any ignorance as I’m just getting started. My big question is: is it possible to trigger two noises simultaneously? for example with a drum beat, some notes are linear but some occur at the same time as other notes (particularly: hi-hat usually hits at the same time as kick or snare). I personally am ecstatic about the possibilities this software has for live looping. If I could create full beats that actually sound like drums in one pass… I mean that’s cool as hell. :nerd_face::smiling_imp::nerd_face::smiling_imp::nerd_face::smiling_imp: I’ll be digging into learning all about Dubler and digging into these forums. See y’all around.

Hi :wave: Welcome to the community!

You can absolutely trigger two sounds simultaneously, all you’d need to do is setup multiple tracks in your DAW both taking information from the triggers side of Dubler. Dubler will be sending out a C1 for example for your kick sound, so one one channel you can have C1 as a kick, then on another have a C1 as a snare drum. Then you can play both simultaneously with the same trigger

You can even get pretty clever with it and put a velocity control in your DAW in front of the snare for example so that the MIDI note would only be allowed through when do you kick trigger really loud in the mic

If you have any questions let me know!

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