The application 'Dubler.exe' appears to have hung. ( 1.2.6 )

Received in the mail today. Installed Dubler and restarted the computer, as prompted.

Upon launch attempt, I immediately receive an info box saying that the application seems to be hanging and would I like to terminate and send a bug report.

I hit no to give the application more time to load up. It did and I registered my product and tried to start using the program.

When I try to train a trigger sound, there’s no feedback at all.

I’ve closed out the application and restarted the program multiple times. Each time that alert box about the application hanging shows up immediately.

I’ve uninstalled Dubler and re-installed it. Same behaviors and lack of function.

I’ve since submitted a bug report so that your team is aware of it from that vantage point.

Below I’ve linked a Facebook group post which has a screenshot from another user who has experienced this with no update of remedy at this time. Please advise.


I’ve released a version 1.2.7 that I’ve been working on the last week to try and solve this issue (application hang). Windows is a bit overeager to declare an app “hanging” which is a problem on slower machines or machines that have hard disks (instead of SSD) during our load up sequence. I have spent a lot of time improving the startup process (deferring loading and generally making it more performant). But typically this loading “hang” does not cause functionality issues.

In terms of not getting feedback with training, I would assume that’s a different issue/or setup issue. In which case you can take advantage of a video setup call with us. You can arrange one of these by emailing us at . This will also help us improve the software, as we can diagnose any issues on the call more easily.

So please test 1.2.7 and let us know how it goes (for the application hang issue), and then if you have any further issues, please contact us at

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This hanging alert gave cover to a USB routing oversight on my part. The Dubler software is working fine for me and the persisting hanging alert box doesn’t seem to be causing any issues at all. Thank you for the prompt feedback.


Below is just narrative of what was actually going on, in case anyone else happens upon this with the same symptoms as they’re troubleshooting.


I installed 1.2.7 and still have the alert pop up each time.

I decided to connect the instrument directly to my laptop to expand my troubleshooting, given you noted the alert shouldn’t stop the device from working.

When I set upon my laptop, I noticed that the monitor I’d plugged the microphone into wasn’t routed back to the laptop at all. So, I daisy chained the monitors and plugged in the microphone again and all seems to be fine in the Dubler software for me.