The Dubler Microphone - good for Live performing?

Hi i plan to use Dubler2 for live performance and looping. My question “The Dubler Microphone” sold in the kit has anyone tested if it works in a noisy live music environment. I have 1 foldback monitor facing me and a larger speaker facing the audience. I’m happy to turn the sensitivity down and hold the mic right onto my mouth if that what is required just want to know if that mic is suitable for that or only home headphone isolated use?

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I too would like to know about using Dubler2 for live performance. In my case, I want to play the harmonica live to trigger different instruments via Ableton Live Suite.

Thanks for asking this question, hopefully we can both get a better understanding how Dubler2 will work for live performances.

Hi Both!

Dubler is currently intended for Studio use, but that being said there are noise cancelling algorithms which help for live use case. We’ve tested in pretty noisy environments and Dubler is able to handle them pretty well, but the triggers are definitely more reliable than pitch in regards to feedback.

It can really depend on your live setup but as you’ve mentioned you can turn the input level down in the play tab to reduce the gain and then use louder deliberate inputs to the mic to help avoid any potential feedback. There is a very old livestream where we discussed this with Dubler 1, it may not be completely relevant anymore but may have some interesting discussions on Dubler in a live environment - Live AMA + Dubler In a Live Environment -- August 9th, 2019 - YouTube