USB Mic Drivers

Hello all,

I recently purchased the Dubler Studio and am really looking forward to using it (in fact as a singing drummer who plays no other instruments it is the type of solution that I have wanted for many years!) Unfortunately I cannot get the mic to be recognised / selectable from the Dubler app.

I assume that this is a system / setup issue and not a problem with the midi element of the mic itself (the mic registers in the Windows control panel).

I’m really hoping that a windows user, for whom Dubler is working fine, can check their settings in the control panel for me please. This is what I have in mine, under the sound, video and game controllers section.
Is this right? thanks

For completeness, the mic also appears under audio inputs and outputs, with a message re no driver required.

Any help gratefully received.

Hi @Stevey_Drums

You’re welcome to come to support and we can have a call to resolve this.
The mic itself has no MIDI specific element to it, but we have written our own custom ASIO driver. This may have not loaded for several reasons, and is typically security related. Check that you’re an admin when you install Dubler, and also check that your user account has admin permissions. Also check that you don’t have an anti-virus blocking the DLL. We can try some more things via support.

Best wishes,

Thanks for asking this, and for the response. I have the same issue - checked all firewall and did install as admin. Installed the latest ASIO driver.
Would love help - will write to support.,