Use Dubler with another midi controller

Hello! As i am exploring Dubler and starting out with Ableton Live i am wondering how it could be possible to link up Dubler with another midi controller to midi map functions to that controller. It`s great that there is a midi map function in Dubler, but i am aiming at a live performance use for which modifying sounds by turning knobs and the like while i am singing (and not having to sing the specified vovels) would be the optimum. How could that possibly be achievable? Hope there are some geeks here for whom this is a simple question. :wink:

Hi Jay,

You can definitely use Dubler alongside other MIDI controllers. What specifically are you looking to map in Ableton? Dubler allows you to map the vowels to parameters in Ableton but if you have another midi controller setup it shouldn’t interfere with anything so you could use control knobs to play with effects. You can even turn the control dials off in Dubler if you don’t want to use them!

I did something very similar in a short performance for a video singing a synthline using Dubler and using a Arturia MiniLab to control the synth filter and drums