Vote for creating option 'mute mic-input'

Nice tool/app you’ve created !!!

There is no option to mute the mic-input to the Dubler-app.
There is some kind of workaround by disable the inbuilt audio or midi output (green bullits)), but when Dubler is loaded there is always ‘mic-input-activity’ going on (as we can see on the ‘input meter’ on the left site).

I think it would be useful to just have a ‘mic-mute-button’ for input in Dubler (and not via my DAW or the green bullits in Dubler as suggested in another topic).
Then I know there will be no unwanted response from Dubler when working on a song (perhaps it also will downsize some cpu use!!?).

If this function is not available - you ca ad a vote for me to create one in a next update :wink:

As said: nico tool/app !!!

Hi. Thanks very much for the feature request, we’ll definitely add this to our development board! Out of interest are you using your own microphone with the app or the Dubler mic?

Hi. I’m using the Dupler mic. Nice to use a dedicated mic.

Thanks that Vochlea is adding this on a development-list. I can imagine that there are other priorities at this moment, and there are also other wishes with more impact for more users.

Keep up this good work :+1:.