Why can't doubler pick up pre-recorded sounds

Sometimes I don’t want to sing through the mic all the time I’ll pre-record the sound on my phone for a melody but doubler seem to can’t pick up the melody.
Through my phone speakers, and I have a note 10, these speakers are super loud so this shouldn’t be a problem help me

Hi Ralph

Dubler is just aimed at real time voice to midi translation, and this is what our pitch algorithms are trained for. They won’t be able to accurately translate a voice recording from a phone speaker due it to not having the qualities of a real human voice that the software is listening for

There’s other programs out there that do pitch to midi based on pre recorded audio, but it’s not our focus with Dubler. If you have any questions about this let me know!

Hi, potential user having some (disappointing) experiences with similar software as well as my own programming…
I checked quite a few your videos, and I am wondering about input routing possibilities. Surely you must be able to route prerecorded material into your microphone input and get good results with Dubler? Or are there other options? I’ve experimented with both live and prerecorded pitch-tracking and prerecord is good for testing as you have the exact same input and can tweak gate or smoothing parameters to get closer to what your aiming at.

You could in theory use some audio routing software to play recordings through Dubler, but the results can vary quite a lot. We stress this is an experimental use case and not something we claim to do with any real accuracy. There are plenty audio to MIDI options out there that work with pre rerecorded material, but as you’ve mentioned how good they are can really vary

The calibration process in Dubler is aimed at a human voice with a constant input, and so you might find you have to recalibrate with every file depending on how it was recorded to dial in any real accuracy. We’re focused on real time use, so you may find other algorithms that are able to analyse a clip fully before converting to MIDI information give better results. But it really depends on what you’re after. Dubler at the end of the day is intended as a MIDI controller