4 Questions on Functions

Hi all at Vochlea,

I appreciate all your efforts in bring Dubler to market and to the community.

There’s a few items that I can’t seem to resolve on my own, and I haven’t seen addressed anywhere.

My set up is Win 10 64 (just did a clean install upgrade after starting with Win 7 Pro 64), Reaper 6, Dubler latest public release.

I am still getting instruments/presets which don’t seem to receive a Note Off, and so will stay fixed, locking up the Synth and the Track. I use Synthmaster 2.9 (as you did in a demo) as well as Synthmaster One, and Player, and other VSTi’s.

This happened on my previous OS of Win 7 as well, so I don’t think it is OS specific. This doesn’t always occur, and I don’t see a pattern, yet.

Sometimes just clicking to a different Preset will stop it, and then immediately returning to the problematic Preset is fine. Other times, nothing short of exiting Reaper will stop it.

It isn’t feedback, as I can click off the Track output, and it continues anyway.

On many/most(?) Presets or Patches, the output from Dubler is extremely staccato as opposed to what a physical MIDI keyboard or Virtual keyboard will produce. I have turned off Triggers making no difference. It’s as if there is no Sustain and Decay info with the Dubler data.

I am having trouble getting effective Volume control. I have tried setting the Synth Volume MIDI Learn to match ENV, using either CC #07, or CC #11. While the ENV indicator appears to be responsive, I can’t get the VSTi’s to be.

Is there something I should try?

Pitch Bend doesn’t yield satisfying results, like when matching Synthmaster at ‘2’, I cannot control the Bend pleasingly. (Admittedly, I’m not a singer) Using a setting of ‘12’ is more controllable regardless of the VSTi Pitch Bend setting, but still not pleasing. Using no Pitch Bend is still best to my ear, though obviously limited.

Again, is there something else I should try?

Thanks again for your time and efforts.

PhotonBoy >

Hi PhotonBoy

Thanks for raising these points. 1. is a bug we’re aware of and we’ll be working to fix it, we understand this must be very frustrating for your workflow so very sorry about this. We’ll let you know as soon as an update fixing this issue is released

  1. is quite strange behaviour as Dubler should be tracking note length and we haven’t heard of this issue before. Could you possibly send a short video showing this to help@vochlea.co.uk ? We can then hopefully figure out the issue quicker if we can see what’s happening

  2. Is the issue that the ENV and synth volume dials don’t match? Or is it just that the output isn’t what you expect? How does it feel when making to the track volume rather than Synth volume?

  3. I’ve had the same issue with using Synthmaster 2.9 pitch bend, and suspect it’s a plugin fault as all my other plugins work well with pitch. Does it work on other VSTs you have? I’ve submitted a bug to synthmaster as mine goes crazy when even using a pitch bend wheel on a keyboard

We’re always happy to do ao video call if you want to talk through all these things in person. Let us know and we can arrange a time to chat and do a screen share to get to the bottom of these things quickly

Thanks for your support!


Hi Liam,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m digging deeper into 2 and 3, and will update when i can.

  1. Glad that it’s being worked on. I don’t know if this will help, but I just caught it happening in Iris 2; the included virtual keyboard actually showed the stuck note (C4), and when I clicked on it, it released.

  2. It seems that factors include Synths, Presets, and my own lack of vocal control. Perhaps my voice (untrained, alas) is putting out noise which triggers the extra notes. This one is elusive, but I’ll continue to look for a pattern.

  3. It looks like the Low Volume level from Dubler is quite high in the Synth; that the Velocity Curve might be a factor, and that the range between low and high volumes is narrow. Iris 2 has a few patches that seem more responsive.
    Some patches in Synthmaster Player approach what I would expect, especially if the patch Velocity Curve is dragged down.
    I looked at directing ENV to Track Volume, but it appears that Reaper has a quirky implementation on this function, and I’m not clear on the best method.

  4. Iris 2 seems a bit better on some patches. A nice feature set there is that the Pitch Bend controls are visible on the main panel, and have a nice display format; makes it easy to see the results. I just started working with Iris 2, so perhaps time will tell; and my time is limited to grabbed moments for this work.

I hope some of this feedback is useful; I will update as appropriate.
thnx, Liam.

PhotoBoy >

I found a VSTi that shows what I expect:
Spicy Guitar x64 (free @ https://www.spicyguitar.com/). I set the VSTi Volume to Expression (maybe with a tweak to the Velocity Curve) and then Dubler ENV acts as I expect, very responsive and fluid with more control over volume.

Hi PhotonBoy

Thanks for this, it’s definitely useful to hear this feedback

Let us know how you get on with point 2. but as mentioned if it’s something you can’t get to the bottom of feel free to send us a message at the help address and we can maybe set up a video call to chat about it?

Same goes for these other points, let us know if you manage to get these feeling more as you’d expect but if not let’s jump on a call sometime and we can chat in person

Thanks again for providing the feedback as you go, is super helpful to hear these points

Im still working on this and found a few things to pursue.

Separately, I just ran across this thread which might bear on the volume issue.

Hi Liam, did you find a solution to Photonboys #1?

I seem to be experiencing something similar here, 4 years later, albeit in Logic