A few questions

i have a few questions before i buy.

  1. how does the software and mic do with whistling? i understand it won’t be able to capture vowel sounds, but will it still detect pitch and velocity accurately?

  2. all the videos i have seen say that you must pick a scale for each profile, to limit the notes that will be recorded. this is an awesome feature, but are you able to disable this, or simply enable all notes for recording simultaneously?

  3. the dubler studio kit 2 states ableton live lite is included; but isnt ableton live lite already free, and available to download right from their site?

  4. i have seen several official videos showcasing midi recording in DAWs with the software. however one video showed a video using dubler as a midi device that can directly control a synth in a DAW. and a more recent one showed a plugin, running inside a DAW, that captured the midi. the second one had a feature to automatically clean up the midi data, including ghost notes.
    are both of these choices still available today?

thanks to anyone who can answer any of these.

Hi! No worries, will try answer all your questions

  1. You can get good results with whistling and Dubler but there are a few things to bear in mind. The first is to whistle over the top of the mic and not directly into it. This is so you are not blowing air directly into the head of the mic which will make the pitch detection more difficult. Another is that things like vibrato and glides may not initially be translated, so you may want to play with pitch bend to make sure it comes out in the MIDI information

  2. You can select a chromatic scale in Dubler to make all the notes available, so you can record without any restrictions if you like. Recording in chromatic mode can often result in messier MIDI information but there are also a number of ways to find the best suited key, if you’re having any issues in chromatic

  3. Ableton Live Lite is included with various hardware purchases such as other MIDI controllers but is not available for free from their site. You can find out more here - Get started with Ableton Live 11 Lite | Ableton
    You can download the software but you’ll need to enter the serial code which you get after ordering Dubler!

  4. There are two ways you can record using Dubler in your DAW, both are currently available. You can record live into the DAW with the Dubler app, this will record the MIDI information in real time onto any armed track. You can also use the Dubler MIDI Capture plugin which reflects any settings you have in the Dubler app. MIDI Capture will record any ideas directly into the plugin, apply the cleaning algorithm and you can then drag and drop the clip anywhere you like in your project. You can also record both ways at the same time

If you have any other questions let me know!

thanks! ill look into buying when i can