Ableton 11 Not receiving midi

Hello all,

I have purchased Dubler 2, I am able to sign in and use the software, and capable to select Dubler in Ableton 11, from one of the channels “Midi from” drop-down menu. But when I go to record or even try to hear the Midi, there is no audio from Ableton… is there a setting I am doing incorrectly or is there an issue on the system. I followed all steps on this YouTube link ( and I still don’t have any audio.

Any help is appreciated, even if it’s educating me where I am going wrong.


Hi Edd,

Sorry you’re having some issues getting setup. I think we first want to figure out whether it’s a MIDI input issue, or an audio output issue.
In the top right of Ableton there’s a small square that should flash if it’s receiving MIDI input.

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 15.59.37

Does this flash when you sing into the mic? Or just stay blank?
Could you also send a screenshot of Dubler’s audio device settings, and also Ableton’s audio preferences? We can then try spot anything that could be causing issues


Thank you for replying soon.

I have found that I need to start Dubler first before opening Ableton. It is resolved.

Thank you again,