About the included microphone... is it really a dynamic microphone?

So I’m looking around where I live for a microphone that matches the specs given as I can’t get yours shipped here.

I noticed something. all mics that match your specs here are basically cardioids in a dynamic form factor! even the polar pattern matches that of a cardioid. some of them are even marketed as “dynamic Cardioid” and they match the polar pattern (super Cardioid) and frequency response 50Hz-18kHz.

an example is the mipro mm-107. the specs are extremely close with slight impedance and sensitivity difference

would I be correct in assuming that the “dynamic” microphone you sell here is that kind of microphone?

Sadly none of the ones I saw are USB unless I go for a cardioid that has 30Hz-20kHz response and more sensitive so I have no idea if it’ll work


Yes as you’ve mentioned our mic is a dynamic mic with a cardioid pattern (as many dynamic mics are.) The mic you’ve posted there would definitely be suited for use with the Dubler software, the main thing we’re looking for is that it is dynamic and not a condenser.

Dynamic mics are preferable for our use case as they are more suited to pick up focused signal sound, and consequently pick up less background sound. We’re interested in just the detectable triggers and pitch sounds from your voice so a dynamic mic helps eliminate any other sounds that might interfere with detection.

Condensers on the other hand pick up a lot of more in depth sounds, and are very sensitive compared to dynamics. This is great for recording vocals in lots of detail, but all the unwanted background sounds condensers pick up makes detection in our app slightly more difficult.

It doesn’t matter about them being strictly USB, ours is USB as it has an in-built interface for a plug and play experience, but any dynamic mic paired with an audio interfaced should work great after calibration.

If you have any questions about this let me know!

Oh, my bad. still new to the microphones thing and mistook the terms cardioid and condenser.
My bad