Any suggest for audio interface

Hello,i have a Behringer Xenyx 302 for my home setup but i hate Asio drivers on Windows system,i will use Dubler and mic in my home setup and thinking to buy an audio interface for new Eve Audio speakers…

1-Audient id4 mk2 (Sound output is very high and bright)
2-Ssl Volt 1 (I dont know dubler works with uad driver)
3- Motu m2 ( double pricey than others)
4- Focusrite Scarlett Gen3 (for lowest latency)
5-Arturia Minifuse

So any suggest? Or what do you think about these cards?

Hi! A lot of this can be down to personal preference, and also what you intend to use it for (i.e recording other mics for vocals e.t.c)
I personally think the Focusrite interfaces fit most cases and are relatively affordable, their drivers also work very smoothly. I think the focusrite is probably the best all rounder out of those!
I haven’t used all of them but the SSL Volt sounds fantastic if you’re recording guitars, vocals, keyboards e.t.c with the input especially with some of the tone-shaping they have built in. However if you’re just really looking to use the interface as an output, and not bothered about recording with it it’s probably a bit unnecessary
I personally use an Audient ID14 as I think it sounds great, and I just like the interface but this is purely personal preference!

I will not record anything,but i love Ssl brand,but u said there are some problems with Uad drivers,and does it work with Dubler Mic?
Or i will go with Id14 because of headphone out is 600 ohm too…And sound quality is very crispy and clean…One thing is very good for Scarlett,latency and “Air mix” for example Id44 is ok with 128,scarlett latency can push it to 64 very stable…So if SSL drivers are ok i m gonna buy SSL,but no,i will go with Audient…Uad is ok with Dubler now?

If you’re using the Dubler mic then there will be no issues with an SSL. We can’t detect UAD ASIO drivers in the app but if you are using the Dubler mic, then we don’t need to use the UAD drivers at all. The only downside would be that you wouldn’t be able to use or hear Dubler’s in-built synths with this. However if you just want to use Dubler to control plugins in your DAW this shouldn’t cause any issues!