Anybody using Dubler with Bitwig? Bitwig does not find midi device


Having problems getting Bitwig to recognise the device!


These are the settings in Dubler but no midi input device is showing in Bitwig:


I assume it should appear in this list…

I use bitwig as well. I’ll let you know how it goes as soon when it arrives. Should be here in the next day or two.

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Dubler support replied to me and we have it working nicely now :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy it when it arrives

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Nice. I had to watch a quick video to figure out what they are thinking with the triggers, but I had it triggering beats in a drum rack really quickly after that. Seems to work great so far.

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so what was the fix? having the same issue here

If you need any assistance drop us an email to and we’ll get it sorted for you

We’ll look into BitWig and get a tutorial up soon!

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Hi Guys,

Is there allready a tutorial ?
Just got my Dubler :smile: and trying to set it up with Bitwig.

All the best,
Gordon van Asselt

Hi Gordon!

You can find our getting started with bitwig guide here:

If you have any questions or need any help setting up drop us an email to


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