App Window Size

Is there a way to adjust the window size besides the toggle button at the top? The window is small and difficult to use for me to begin with and clicking the toggle button just makes it even smaller and more difficult.

At the moment the app can only be changed with the toggle button. Could you possibly send us an email to with your screen dimensions and possibly a screenshot with Dubler?

The two sizes should be accessible for most people but if not any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Hi Liam,
I’ve recently purchased Dubler 2 with the mic and now my festival season is over, I’m ready to get stuck in.

I was wondering if there was a resolution to this window size issue, as I have the same?

I cannot see the buttons at the bottom of the PLAY page or any other.

Thanks for your time, I’m looking forward to enjoying being able to make music at last, drums are difficult to write on.

Hi, can you send a screenshot of the screen problem and also let me know what monitor / laptop you are using? With Dubler 2 you can adjust different sizes via the top right of the app but we can try spot if anything else is going wrong

When I open the dubler app It’s too big for the screen so I can’t see the keys or buttons at the bottom of the window. How do I change the size? On the top right I see 100% etc but only allows me to make the window bigger, very frustrating

Hi, unfortunately 100% is the smallest screen possible for the app right now. Can I ask what size screen you are using?

Also are you on Mac or Windows?