Apple M1 compatibility


Will the Vochlea Dubler Studio Kit work on the new Apple M1 chip?
If not, is it expected to be working in the near future?

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Hi Joost,

Yes Dubler works on the new M1 chip. We’ve done some tests and think it runs brilliantly!

Hi Liam,
Thank you for the prompt reply!
That’s great to hear :ok_hand:t2:
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Hi, could you please let me know if Dubler 2 works with Apple M2. Thanks.

Hi, yes Dubler works with Apple M2!

Hi there,
Is it Native, or does it work under Rosetta?
Thank you!

Dubler currently works under Rosetta, native M1 support should be coming in future updates!

That’s great to know. Do you think it’s worth buying it during Black Friday, even if I can’t use it yet? Or is the native support still way into the future?
Thanks a lot!

We unfortunately can’t put a timeline on when there will be native M1 support just yet, so I wouldn’t be able to say when this would happen. Very sorry about that, although we have found Dubler runs well with Rosetta which is quite easy to set up and use

No worries. I think I will get it anyway. The app seems amazing :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for getting back to me.

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