ASIO and multiple application running aside Dubler2

Hi there. I know this issue is known and has nothing to do with either Dubler 2 or Ableton (both working fine on my side- am a new user) but is it possible, using another ASIO driver with multiclient capabilities, to make that I can at the same time use Dubler2/Ableton AND Youtube (seeing the tutos!), or even Skype for a remote training for example? Would Flexasio or an Asio from Steinberg (which can be downloaded on their site) work that way? I don’t dare to do this now, as I don’t want to ruin the current setup. Any help here would be appreciated- thanks.

Hi! Yes absolutely, with a multi-client ASIO driver you can switch between Dubler, Ableton, and Youtube without having to adjust any settings. Unfortunately the only way I’m currently aware to do this is to use a multi client driver that comes with an audio interface. Focusrite for example have their own drivers, but can only be used with the hardware

FlexASIO does claim to be able to allow multiple apps to access the same audio device unlike ASIO4ALL, however I’ve personally not been able to get it working after a short attempt. (If there is anyone here using FlexASIO it would be great to hear whether this works)

The experience is fairly limited on windows when it comes to ASIO without owning an audio interface, unfortunately the only free options out there don’t offer multi-client capabilities as far as I know. Either way it’s an interesting thread to start, would like to hear any other users experience on using ASIO freeware!

Thanks for your answer Liam- actually I installed free Flexasio and that allows indeed to work simultaneously with Dubler2, Ableton and Youtube or any other BUT…with a price: the latency then becomes aweful on Dubler and Ableton, so, not useful after all. I think that it could be use temporarily when you need to interact with the 3 apps together, i.e. during a remote training session. But, after studying the issue I came to the conclusion that the best way to fix all this, for me at least, would just be to purchase an external sound card or any other audio device connected to my PC; or, perhaps, just a USB headset would do the trick?

That’s a shame to hear the latency was bad on FlexAsio, like you’ve mentioned I think the best option with Dubler is to use an external audio device. A USB headset wouldn’t work unfortunately as the most of them do not come with custom ASIO drivers

There are a number of affordable audio devices out there though that work great. Be careful to avoid ultra cheap interfaces as some will ask you to use ASIO4ALL as the driver instead of having their own, but you can normally check on the manufacturers website what drivers are available

Feel free to post any you have in mind on this thread, happy to take a look for you!

Hi, some years ago I bought ASIO Link Pro tool, which allows you to run multiple ASIO clients on one physical asio audio card and as well creates virtual non-asio audio devices on windows so you can output non-asio audio in the same time as multiple asio outputs.
But - seems that the tool is no more available for sale, nor updated. Still you can try to google it if you find some mentions about its state.
I use it currently on Windows 11 and the above mentioned functionality is working consistently. I had only some problems with asio input when setting other then 48kHz/24-bit. Latency, at least subjectively is not increased.

Thanks Juro, I couldn’t find it on the net, as you said seems no more on the market. I just ordered a Creative Sound Blaster Z Se sound card, I saw it comes with an Asio driver on its own- hopefully that will do, and either way I needed to upgrade my PC sound card to something decent. I will update my experience here.

EDITED: Ok, updating experience: bought and installed Creative Soundblaster ZX Se and new 2.1 sound system, working perfectly, sound much better, and changed Dubler and Ableton audio setup to use Soundblaster Asio driver. At first I got the same issue, but then I closed all apps (Dubler, Firefox, Ableton) then reopened Firefox 1st, played a vid on Youtube, then opened Dubler 2 then Ableton: now all together generate sound. Problem solved, issue fixed. Thanks Creative :sweat_smile:

In fact, while the sound quality is dramatically improved, I still have now and then, for no particular reason, the sound cut-off in either Dubler2 or Ableton or another app using sound, no matter if I use only SoundBlaster Asio driver or AsioAll or both. This is really a pain in the…

Halo. I think I finally find the solution for windows user.

So I use this ASIO software: Asiolinkpro! It can go easily with Dubler and my Ableton (I use this DAW) too.

I find this tutorial easy for me, I hope you’re helped with this too: How to set up Ableton with asiolinkpro for dummies… - YouTube
The link for Asiolinkpro you can find in youtube description. Hope it helps!

Super interesting, we’ll do some testing with that in the office! Thanks for posting

I use the vb-audio project (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter). They offer several products that create multi-client virtual audio devices, including ASIO for DAW. In my case I use their VOICEMEETER Virtual Audio Mixer. It allows you to simultaneously watch/listen to YouTube and other windows app and work in DAW. I use Sound Blaster ZxR for ASIO direct from Cakewalk Sonar DAW. And other windows app throught Voicemeeter virtual audio input device. And Voicemeeter transport audio to real Sound Blaster ZxR Output (WDM driver). This works, but requires some CPU resources.


I’m trying to set up my voicemeeter but I’m having a hard time. Do you have any tutorials you recommend. Everyone I’ve followed is different and still not working for me. Vochlea support hasn’t responded to me yet.