Audio/ASIO Issue in Cubase 9 Pro

Hi guys,

I have an Audio/ASIO issue, could you please assist.

So I use Cubase 9 Pro and just bought Dubler 2. I use Yamaha CI1 as an external audio interface with my own microphone connected to it. The ASIO-driver used is Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO.
Dubler 2 is visible and active in MIDI Port setup.
I have already acivated Direct Music.
Dubler 2 is recognized as a MIDI input in Cubase and it even triggers MIDI notes.
In Dubler 2 “Virtual Midi” is on, however it still says “Not connected to MIDI Capture”

However I cannot make it create sounds.

Dubler 2 is using Driver Type ASIO and as Input Device also Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO (does this cause the problems, as it is the same Input as used by Cubase?). When I start Dubler 2 before I start Cubase, Cubase itself doesn`t even find the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO. Only when I close Dubler 2 I can change to Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO and create sound with my MIDI keyboard, like always. But I cannot use Dubler 2 as MIDI input in Cubase with the same ASIO, it does not give me any audio.
Please help, thank you very much.

Best regards,

PS: So after writing this I have tried it with a cheap USB microphone using ASIO4ALL. This way it works. So is the problem really when I use the same ASIO? Of course I want to use my microphone that is connected to the audio interface. How can I solve this?

Hi Christian,

Unfortunately the Yamaha USB ASIO drivers are not multi-client meaning both Dubler and Cubase can’t access them at the same time. Very sorry for any disappointment. You can read more about multi-client drivers on our ‘Is my interface compatible’ FAQ - FAQ | Vochlea Music

The only work around is to use an input that does not use the Yamaha drivers, but we realise this may not work with your setup. The multi-client issue is something outside of our control but we do offer our Dubler USB mic which can allow you to use any setup you like

Let me know if you have any questions, if Dubler isn’t compatible with your setup you can also look at our return options if you’re still in the window

thans for the fast reply!
Maybe you can add this to requirements, so people know before purchasing :wink:
Anyway I don’t want to return, the software is great.

So can you please confirm the option I have now:

  • Use my existing microphone with the Steinberg audio interface in case I can use it with a different, if possible, multi-client asio driver
  • Use a different audio interface (with a differnt driver) for my existing microphone, while Cubase still runs on the original audio interface and Yamaha driver
  • Use any USB Audio microphone, since they all use their own drivers.
  • Purchase your microphone
  • Return

Thank you!

So I solved it myself with option one: I just changed Asio driver in Cubase to Asio4all and added the steinberg interface to it. Dubler 2 runs now with the yamaha driver. This way it works.

Thanks, bye!

Sorry if this wasn’t apparent when purchasing. We do list multi-client ASIO drivers or ASIO4ALL as a requirement on our minimum system requirements with a link to the interface compatibility FAQ - Your voice to MIDI, instantly | Dubler 2

You’re correct those are your options, but happy to hear you were able to get it working using ASIO4ALL as well. Whilst an interface with it’s own drivers would be the best option, hopefully this should allow you to use Dubler without any problems

Let me know if you have any other questions or need any help getting started with Dubler