Beginner - Dubler Mic and Audio Interface

Hi - I recently got the Dubler 2 kit with the Dubler mic. I’m running on a Windows 11 PC. I installed the ASIO4ALL driver. I’m using Ableton Live 11 Lite that came with Dubler. The setup is kinda sorta working, but it seems… janky. I’m having difficulty achieving any desired result. I tried just using the Dubler 2 mic to record audio directly into Ableton and the result was very noisy. Likewise when I tried using a Blue Yeti USB mic.

I see that the use of an audio interface is recommended and this brings me to my question. What is the purpose of an audio interface if I am using the Dubler mic? As far as I can tell a USB mic will not plug into an audio interface. At this time I don’t need to plug in any instruments, I just want to experiment with Dubler 2 straight up.

Would the audio interface still be helpful just because it includes a better ASIO driver?


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Hi Malveka,

As you’ve mentioned unfortunately ASIO4ALL doesn’t always provide a good experience and is a bit of a workaround for low latency audio if you don’t have an interface. Using an audio interface with it’s own dedicated ASIO drivers will provide a smoother experience for audio, and often with less troubleshooting. One main advantage is that an interface with it’s own drivers can be used as an audio output across multiple apps at the same time, which is something ASIO4ALL can’t do. This can often bring up some issues

That being said, you should in theory be able to get a very similar experience with ASIO4ALL providing your laptop can handle it. Some laptop sound cards don’t like ASIO4ALL regardless and an interface will get you better output latency and less audio crackles or pops if your CPU struggles. If you wanted to troubleshoot with your current setup feel free email us at and we can help get you up and running, but let me know if you have any questions

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Hi @VochleaLiam, thanks for the prompt and detailed reply. From my brief perusal of the forums I see you being very responsive to questions. I appreciate that.

For now I’m going to continue to do some experiments with my Windows PC setup and see if I can get better results. I do have a MacBook Pro as well which I may try, but it dates back to 2014 and may be getting a little long in the tooth for this kind of work.

I’ll report back when I have any new results.

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