Cakewalk by Bandlab Setup?

Greetings all! Is there a setup tutorial anywhere for using Dubler 2 in Cakewalk by Bandlab. I have setup the standalone software no problem- but I can’t seem to get it to run in Cakewalk. Any help is much appreciated!



Thanks for the message. We have created a tutorial for Cakewalk over on our website for you -

Let us know if you need any more help on this!


Hi Josh!

Thanks for posting the tutorial… unfortunately I still can’t get it to work for some reason. I have calibrated the mic and followed the tutorial. If I load Dubler first - Cakewalk wont open my audio drivers and I can’t get any sound thru cakewalk. If I open Cakewalk first, then dubler cant access the audio drivers. Sorry for being a novice with this - but I feel like I am missing some obvious step. It seems nobody on the internet has posted a video tutorial either for using Dubler with Cakewalk - so for now, I am still stuck…

Hi, it unfortunately sounds like it’s an issue around your specific audio drivers. Just to clarify, if you’re using your own mic your interface will need to have multi-client ASIO drivers which means multiple apps can access it at the same time. Not all interfaces have this (though the majority do) but some drivers may also have ‘exclusive mode’ options which you can turn on or off

If you can let me know the specific driver you’re using I’ll be happy to take a look. You can find more info on our FAQ here under ‘Is my interface compatible with Dubler 2’ -

Thats what I was thinking as well - I briefly looked for a setting related to audio exclusivity before my last post, but didnt see anything in the Cakewalk settings. I am using a Zoom R16 as my audio interface. I am using the drivers from the Zoom site for the R16 and have latest installed. Still stuck…
Thanks for helping me with this!

After a bit of digging it seems like the R16 drivers are not multi-client. (Found this on a separate reddit thread discussing the same issue)

As this person has mentioned the best option is to look into an audio interface with dedicated drivers. We use focusrite in the office a lot, who offer a range of different interfaces but there are loads out there. If Dubler isn’t compatible with your system though feel free to drop us an email at and happy to chat further

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