Can Dubler be used with Discord?

I want to beatbox and such for my friends but I can’t see any way of sending output to Discord through either FL Studio or Dubler 2.

Hi! There are various apps or software that you can use to route audio to other applications. It’s worth noting that some work better than others, and it can sometimes add latency but can guide you to some possible options.

Are you on windows or mac?

Ableton has a good article on this here. Whilst it’s specific to Ableton the exact same principles would apply if you wanted to route FL audio to Discord

Windows, and thank you I’ll look into the ableton article.

No worries, if you’re on Windows the most popular one would be Voicemeeter - VB-Audio VoiceMeeter

It’s free to use and allows you to route audio between apps, but let me know if you run into any problems with it. As mentioned sometimes it can create latency depending on what drivers you’re already using with Dubler