Can it be tuned to 432 hz?

Hi, I would like to know if I can tune my work to 432 hz with this system?

Hiya. At the moment the master tuning can’t be adjusted, and is currently restricted to a traditional western chromatic scale and MIDI output. We’re also limited by MIDI’s capabilities in general but microtonal tunings is definitely something we’ve had requested so we’ll keep everyone updated with any work on this!

If you have abelton, I think the closest you can get if you have recorded the sample at 440hz is to go to the clip settings and adjust the pitch settings to 0 and -32. The actual pitch shift from 440 to 432 is approx 31.76 but you have to use whole numbers in abelton and so 32 is the closest whole number. Not perfect but all you can do in that DAW. Of course if you are using a VST like Omnisphere that allows you to tune to 432hz and then record, then that is even better.
Here is some more info: