Can't find detailed info on chords (looking to buy dubler)

Hello. I am trying to find information about what types of chords are available in dubler 2.

Watched a lot of demos but would like the list of chord types available.

Also, can you create your own, custom chords?

Hi larkybat!

Available chords will vary based on key restrictions, for example if you’re in C Major certain chords won’t be available if the notes don’t fit within that scale. However if you had Dubler in Chromatic you can select the following chords from any root note -

maj, min, dim, aug, dom7, maj7, min7, sus2, sus4

You can’t currently create custom chords. however it is on our list of feature requests! Apart from that if you had any specific chords you wanted added feel free to let us know

Thanks for the list. Looks like it includes most of the basics – except one: the half-diminished chord. (assuming my reading of your “dom7” as major dominant 7th and not as “half diminished” is correct).

Another questions on chords :

  1. So, you can build a chord progressions in Dubler, and then it loops, for you to record over the looping play/record? How elaborate is the user-defined chord progression? For instance, can you do

    Dm7 - [3 quarter beats]
    G7 - [1 quarter beat]
    Cmaj7 - [2 quarter beats]
    Em - [6 quarter beats]


In other words, can you specify duration of each chord within the custom progression?

I’ll try answer all of your different posts on this thread!

Just to clarify, Dubler has no internal sequencing, the in-built sounds are purely for audio feedback and can not be recorded. Dubler is intended for use as a MIDI controller with external DAWs, so think of it in just the same way as a MIDI keyboard for example. You can record anything you like in your DAW, using Dubler as an input.
We have some in-built sounds so you can adjust settings, or get to grips with Dubler, without always having to connect to an instrument in your DAW.

With that in mind, when it comes to chords you can specify the duration of each chord by simply singing for that length. Or if you wanted to use MIDI effects, you could separate the MIDI channel the chords are sent out to and use a MIDI effect unit to dictate the length so you can sing single note melodies over the top

I hope this is explained properly, if you have any questions let me know

Very interesting. Thanks. I see the design logic for the tool.

So the tool guess-calculates the intended chord based on a single note you sing, or, perhaps evaluates the contextual (arpeggiated) sequence of notes surrounding the current note… That’s a programmatic accomplishment, for sure. But, as you know, we users are greedy - give us an inch and we start whining for the whole 9 yards. Just pie-in-the-sky dream: add a way to pre-define a chord progression somehow… would then need to switch to that special mode, away from calculate-chord-on-the-fly…

Or what about manually tapping in (or clicking in) a specific chord, from a subset of cherry-picked chords for the composition? (that way it would still remain on-the-fly and volatile, but user-controlled)

Would probably require a whole new functional dimension… though maybe code-wise not as tasking as the creative possibilities it would yield? (greed talking)

thanks again.

P.S. I would strongly recommend adding the half-diminished chord, as it is vital for minor-key context

: - ) Thanks for what appears to be a great product. I think I am persuaded to buy.

You can pre-define chord progressions in the chords tab of Dubler. So you can pick which specific chord to play based on the single note you sing. If you haven’t seen it already I’d recommend checking out our video specifically on chords -

There are a couple of presets, but you can create a custom progression by selecting from a number of chords based on the key you’re in, of if you’re in chromatic from any of the chords listed earlier. Will definitely add the diminished chord to our feature request for future updates!