Cant get the dang midi from my beat boxing

It is only recording stuff I havent set up yet. The kick, snare, hat, all hit like a charm but no midi gets recorded only when i talk into the mic will it make midi. VERY LAME

Hi, it sounds like a setup issue in your DAW. What DAW are you using?

Dubler sends out pitch information and triggers on two different MIDI channels. To record the triggers double check your track is receiving info from MIDI Channel 10. But if you can provide more details or send some screenshots we can help get it sorted!

please get it sorted sir… im fully at ears on how to fix this issue. I’m using FL Studios as my daw and I’ve followed the tutorial on how to set it up as well.

its literally just an anti Christ plugin

In order to help we’ll need more information or screenshots of your setup. Do you have a channel running FPC that you are trying to control using triggers?

Maybe it’s easiest if we arrange a video call, that way we can guide you through it in person? If so please email us at and we can book a time in

i followed all instructions and they dont work for me possibly due to my interface not being compatible or something all i know is i dont care. All I want is for that beatboxing midi to be put into my daw (fl) it should be easier than this.

i got it to work thanks anyways… it was the midi wasnt being recorded into that little plugin it was getting recorded into the layer itself if i pressed record

Happy to hear it’s now working. As you’ve mentioned triggers aren’t supported in the MIDI Capture plugin yet, but you can record directly intro a track. We’ll update everyone with future updates on triggers in MIDI Capture, but hopefully you should be good to go now in FL!