Chat Help for a newbie

Hi guys
A newbie here trying to begin a superstar career (joking of course). Sometimes (or usually) on the YuoTube videos the guys from Vochlea talking like professional to professional, and by instance I am not. Not to talk that their English is quick ))) So, the question is: where or how can a newbie as I am chat with someone from the team or a guy that already spends days and months on this? I would agree even to pay per hour (not too much - I am a simple guy from Ukraine). If the team will help me I can help with translations into Spanish (where I am living for many years), Ukrainian, Russian or Romanian as I am a professional translator. Also working on video redactors - so I could do then the videos in these languages.
Many thnx in advance!

Hi Vilia

Please email us at and we can arrange a video chat. We can answer any questions and go through everything from scratch!

Done. Thank You! Waiting for their answer