Compatible with DAW and sound card?

Will the stunt double work with the ESI U22 XT sound card and the Reaper? And how is the activation process going? registering a serial number through ILok, or just entering a serial number when activating the plugin?

Hi Dmitry,

If you purchase software only, the license is attached automatically to the email used at checkout so a serial number isn’t needed. After purchasing, you can set up your Vochlea account and login to the app using your email and password

I’m having difficulties finding out whether the ESI U22 ASIO drivers are multi-client or not. Just to clarify if you are using your own mic, you’ll need a driver that allows two apps to use it simultaneously. If you have another programme aside from Reaper that uses ASIO drivers, I’d recommend testing with that first. If the interface does have multi-client Drivers then you should be good to go. If you have any questions let me know!

I plan to use my dynamic microphone and only buy the Vochlea software. I mostly only work at Reaper. And how can I find out if there are multi-client drivers in the interface? On my second computer, I work through the Behringer UMC204HD interface. Is it compatible with Vochlea and can I work on a second computer?

To test whether a driver is multi-client you’ll need two apps that both can use ASIO drivers. If you select it as an audio device in both apps then you’ll either receive an error in one app that it can’t open (meaning it’s not mulit-client) or it will work without issue

If you don’t have another app that uses ASIO drivers I’d recommend downloading Audacity to test. Audacity is a free audio editing software you can get here -

It looks like the UMC204HD is indeed multi-client so that should work without issue. And yes you can download Dubler on up to 3 different machines