Conflict Cubase-Dubler2

When Cubase is running, the Dubler says it cannot load USB-interface, when Dubler is running the Cubase cannot load the USB-interface.
Its Steinberg UC22
They can run fine alone.

Hi Rolnor, unfortunately the Steinberg UR interfaces don’t have mulit-client drivers meaning two apps can’t access them at the same time. You can find more info about this on our FAQ ‘Is my interface compatible with Dubler’ - FAQ | Vochlea Music

In regards to recording vocals that I see you asked on another thread, you can use the Dubler mic to record audio but not at the same time as using it as a MIDI controller if you’re on Windows. This isn’t a problem if you’re on Mac. If you wanted to use the same mic to record vocals and control plugins in Cubase you would need an interface with multi-client drivers

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