Controlling the moc plugins with dubler2

I’m running mpc 2.0 software and I see dubler2 pop up option for midi but I don’t see it transmit any data to control my plugin instrument in the mpc live software

Hi, we unfortunately don’t have setup guides for Dubler 2 on MPC just yet but we do have older ones for Dubler 1. The principles on sending MIDI remain exactly the same for both versions
We have separate ones for mac and windows -

Let me know if these are of use. If you’re still having issues please email us at and I’ll be happy to guide you through it in person

I got the control part to work… I am also using an Apollo as my audio interface and no matter how low I put the latency I still get a delay from when I sing the note to when it actually triggers my mpc vst

I’d recommend checking out our article here for some tips on reducing latency -

But feel free to send some screenshots of your audio device settings and we can take a deeper look