Cubase working and recording

Hey guys
I’m working with cubase and everything was set but I am unable to record the midi notes with the double at 2 so can anyone suggest and why I am connecting with q base I have steinburg interface it shows sometimes audio is driver is not able to connect sometimes I am hearing with my PC sound is unable to record my voice in the MIDI notes so can anyone suggest for this problem

Hi, it sounds like an issue with your interface not having multi-client ASIO drivers. Unfortunately the drivers used for Steinberg interfaces are mostly not multi-client, which means that two apps cannot access them at the same time. This will then either prevent Dubler or Cubase from using that Driver depending on which was opened first.

This is explained on our FAQ ‘Is my interface compatible here’ - FAQ | Vochlea Music
In order to use Dubler and Cubase at the same time, you’ll need to either use a different audio driver input such as ASIO4ALL, so that the Steinberg interface is free to be used exclusively by Cubase. If you have any questions about this let me know