D3d12.dll missing

Hi! I was super excited to discover Dubler tech and purchased it right away. However the computer that I attempted to put it on may be too old as necessary components were either missing or corrupt ( d3d12.dll missing, Directx not functioning) In this case, what is your recommendation as i havenā€™t been able to play with my shiny new toy!:cry:Please help!!!

Hi. A d3d12.dll missing error is usually due to a machine not meeting our minimum system requirements. More specifically an older operating system

To use Dubler your computer must meet our requirements here - System requirements | Dubler 2
However if it is an operating system you should be able to upgrade your OS in order to get using Dubler. Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to send over your computer specs and I can take a look for you!