Do Mac user logins count as separate machines?

Hi there,

I have an iMac and a MacBookPro. On these devices I have the main administrator login that I use for day to day stuff like emails etc, and another one for my music.

I was wondering if each user login would count towards my three allowed computers?

Or does it just count as two so far in my case?

I hope I have explained this OK!



Hi again!

I don’t need this answering now thanks!

Depending on your answer I was leading up to telling you a problem I was having but it’s sorted now :grin:

This page helped me!


The registrations should be per machine, so each computer will count as one activation. If you reach the maximum amount of machines we can also reset them

Happy to hear the security issue was resolved, if you need any other help getting started let me know

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Thank you Liam :hugs: :headphones: :microphone: