Does anyone use Dubler with Acid Pro?

Greetings, folks. I installed the demo and trained one of the mics I have (a Razer wireless headset). Has anyone used Dubler with Acid, and if so, are there any special instructions for setting it up?

Acid recognizes Dubler as an input/output device. I currently use the Microsoft Sound Mapper, rather than the ASIO4ALL thing, as I’m not sure what settings that requires. When I added a MIDI track, I could see data appearing in the track as I, um, sang, but no sound. Obviously because I used MSM rather than ASIO.

Secondly, what exactly is defined by “Audio Interface”? Does that mean a separate box, or does the Razer’s USB fob count?

Sorry for the newbie questions, but I find the software intriguing and would love to purchase the full version.


Hi! In order to get low latency we need ASIO drivers, as Windows MME or WDM devices won’t give you very good performance with Dubler. Unfortunately this also applies to using wireless headsets as this will add latency on the input side

An audio interface is often an external box, or sound card, that will come with it’s own ASIO drivers. These drivers will then offer a better experience than ASIO4ALL. If you haven’t seen it already I’d recommend reading our FAQ ‘Is my interface compatible with Dubler 2’

In regards to Acid we don’t have any setup instructions on our site, but feel free to email us at and we can guide you through it in person!

Thank you! Kinda stuck with Acid (I actually have a CD when they were Sonic Foundry). I’ll continue to look and explore.