Dubler 2.0.14 Update

Hi all! In our latest release we’ve made it easier than ever to get going with Dubler and explore some of the more advanced features with tutorials and resources accessible directly from the app.

Learn Space

A brand new Learn space is now available in the home view, next to your profiles, with video tutorials for singing melodies, triggering drums, finding the best key restriction, controlling effects with vowels and singing chord progressions. You’ll also find links to additional tutorials and articles, such as setting up with your DAW.

In-profile Help

If you want additional information or help while working in a profile, click the new help icon located in the top right corner of the profile. This will bring up a pop-up with a redirect button to our Learn Dubler section on vochlea.com.

Additional improvements in this release

  • We have added a new default synth preset called Pure. Pure is a more simple, stripped back synth preset to get started with
  • A new “Reset Notes” button has been added to the Key Tab. This button will reset your note selection on the pitch wheel to your latest applied key.
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