Dubler 2 and Reaper issues

I am having a bit of a nightmare setting up my Dubler 2 mic to to work with Reaper. Firstly I couldn’t get an output via Reaper. I followed all the recommendations for setting it up with Reaper (even though it shows the Mac version), I am using decent spec Acer laptop running windows 10.
At first I thought that there may have been a conflict with other software running, so I have removed Voicmeeter and reinstalled the Asio4all drivers.
I still can’t record direct into Reaper but can via the Dubler interface and drag the recording on to a new track, but I still can’t hear anything.
Do I need an Audio interface with dedicated ASIO drivers? I do have a ZOOM L20 at my disposal and have used this successfully to record many times when used as an Audio interface. But the L20 does not have a USB audio input (for the Dubler mic) and as far as I can tell neither do any of the recommended audio interfaces. So if I have to go down the Audio interface route, what is the point of the Dubler Mic, as I may as well use one of my SM57s?
Also can install my copy of the App on another computer?

Hi, it sounds like it might just be a configuration issue with ASIO4ALL. It sounds like you have everything you need to get going.
As a first port of call I would recommend setting the output device to None in Dubler 2, so only the Dubler mic is set as an input. You can do this via the audio device settings

Then once this is done in Reaper you can set the output to ASIO4ALL and select only the device you want to hear audio from and set the buffer size appropriately. The Dubler USB mic does not need to be an audio input in Reaper anywhere. I would recommend following our ASIO4ALL video here if you need - How to setup ASIO4ALL with Dubler

Feel free to send any screenshots of your settings if you’re still running into any issues, or email us at help@vochlea.co.uk to organise a video call.

Hi Liam
Many thanks for your reply.
I have had partial success based on you advice in as much that I can now record via Dubler midi capture and drag the results into my DAW and use a plug-in to output the results, pretty pleased with the results given it is my first attempt.
However I cannot seem to use it to record direct into Reaper so that I can hear the sounds from the plug-in as I record it. To me this is important so that I can adjust how I make noises into the Mic to suite the range of the plug-in sounds.
Can I only do this by using an audio interface, that can cope with multiple inputs/outputs? I will try with my Zoom L20 later. I also have a Behringer UM2, unfortunately this requires power from the USB port and I seem to be having problems getting any power output from the USB ports on my laptop. I tried it on another LT and the interface powers up OK, not your problem I know, but it adds to the frustrations.