Dubler 2 not triggering anything in FL studio


I am struggling to get Dubler 2 to act as a midi input for any instrument I put in my channel rack (please forgive me if I incorrectly describe these things, I am not proficient at proper music terminology). I just want to hum out notes and melodies (for now), when I right click on an instrument in my channel rack > Receive notes from > Dubler 2, selecting ‘All’ or any of the channels listed yields no outputs. In my Midi settings, ‘Dubler2’ is listed under the Input section, it is enabled, and the controller type is set to generic controller. I am currently using my own dynamic microphone plugged into my Focusrite Scarlet audio interface, so my audio device selected in the audio settings is Focusrite USB ASIO and my buffer length is 128. I am currently running FL Studio 21 on a Windows PC, has anyone dealt with this or had more success in getting this game changing tool to bridge over to FL Studio?

Hi, it sounds like it may be an issue with the virtual MIDI port in Dubler. Can you check the if the Virtual MIDI port is on in Dubler’s audio device settings?

As a first port of call can you also please uninstall Dubler, and reinstall the latest file to check the MIDI port has installed correctly. Let me know how you get on, if we need we can always arrange a quick video chat to take a look in person!

Hey man did u manage to fix it? I have the exact same problem.