Dubler 2 vst in MAC OS Finder?

Hi, I’d like to use Dubler 2 with the MPC DAW but was not finding the plugin. The MPC DAW can receive the midi input but so far I haven’t found a way to utilize the Raw/Clean Midi recoding function that I do when I use dubler2 in LogicProX.

Where is the .vst or component file usually saved when dubler2 is downloaded? I’m thinking maybe MPC just hasn’t scanned it?


If you’re on Mac you’ll want to head to the plug-in section of the preferences and make sure ‘Use AudioUnits’ is ticked. Once this is done click Rescan and it should hopefully work. You can also see the VST folder paths in the screenshot here -

You can then head to AudioUnit in the plugin section of a track to add Dubler MIDI Capture

Let me know if this works for you!

This worked great, just needed to restart my computer afterwards for it to pop up in the audio unit tab. Thank you.

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Great to hear. Let us know if you need anything else

I realise we don’t have any Dubler 2 documentation for MPC yet, but It’s on my to do list for the next couple weeks!

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