Dubler 2 with apollo twin

Hey, I’m having issues using Dubler 2 in my FL studio set up.

The dubler 2 set up is on ASIO
but in FL I have to connect audio through my apollo twin to hear anything.

there’s not option for my Apollo twin in the Dubler stand alone.

pls help

Hi, can you let me know your specific setup? Are you using the Dubler mic, or trying to use a mic through the apollo twin? Are you also on Mac or Windows?

If you’re on Windows we unfortunately can’t detect the UAD drivers in app because they are only available in 64 bit. This is mentioned in our FAQs and minimum system requirements - FAQ | Vochlea Music

If you’re using the Dubler mic you can select the apollo twin as usual in FL, and use the dubler mic as your input. The only difference with this setup being that you won’t be able to hear Dubler’s inbuilt audio through the apollo twin. Let me know if you have any questions