Dubler and boss rc mk2

How can I connect Dubler & BOSS RC 505 MK2 Logic Pro x aggregate device
I plug into boss rc 505 mk2
But it is feeding back a lot and not sinking latency problem
Pls help me with this update
Also I cannot find boss rc 505 MK2 in Logic Pro x divide lists

Dubler and boss rc 505 MK2 is my primary focus
Pls help me

Hi Mano, what is the exact setup you are trying to achieve? Are you using the RC 505 as an audio interface and also looking to loop the audio from logic? Can you send a screenshot of Dubler and Logic’s audio preferences so we can see what your configuration is

Yes I try to use sound audio plus record from logic too
I added up USB cable to my Mac Studio
But I only hear sound coming from headphones
I did plug speaker to model 12 mixer which are aggregate device with scarlet 18i2o focus rite
I try not to use audio cable from RC 505
pls help me I
Shall send you the screen shot

I try to use only USB from rc 505 and so that i can monitor audio from model 12 mixer
Could not hear the audio

Uploading: 3A0D4DCE-53C6-4918-AFB6-DDC23B002B32.jpeg…
Uploading: 5057A99A-C457-443D-9652-C3941B80029B.jpeg…
Uploading: 660F467F-947A-4BFE-81FB-1951002DF744.jpeg…
Uploading: 9E9DE4FA-0CC5-4594-ADB3-472BAC7BA207.jpeg…
Uploading: FF145646-0D35-4945-8F0D-835B7B9A98A9.jpeg…

Hi Mano,

These are the preferences for your system sound. Can you send us screenshots of the Logic’s audio preferences as this is presumably where you want the audio to come from

Can you clarify what mic setup you are using in Dubler and also send a screenshot of Dubler’s audio device settings

Using simple sure mic :microphone: and it is fine
I used it many times Dubler is fine
Just the input from my mixer model is not recording in BOSS 505
I plugged USB cable in to the computer Mac Studio al

Using mixer for all the mic :microphone: and then record at the Logic Pro x plus 505 at the same time
And then audio coming from monitor speaker
I shall send the pics of preference audio for Logic Pro x as well tomorrow

I shall send Dubler audio set up preferences
Logic Pro x preference
The only trouble shoot is that boss 505 is not getting signal coming from mixer
Pls help me
Thankful grateful

Also I have aggregate device for Logic Pro X
Adding rc 505 Scarlett focus rite 18I 20
Model 12 elektron Digitone keys
Master clock set up with 18i 20
I shall send the pics of Logic preferences audio set up
It was all working
Now I routed the midii set up in Logic audio midi set up
I got confused could not trigger audio and input from model 12 mixer
Bit confused
Pls help me with it

Also my main goal is to make sure I am recording on logic plus live track looping in 505
Doing both at the same time
Thank You so much

Hi, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact setup required for your use case, but if you can send any screenshots of audio preferences as mentioned it will help. In general I would say that you can think of Dubler as completely separate and disregard it in terms of the way you want the audio stream to work

If you are able to get the RC505 working with logic and your mixer, you can then fit Dubler into this as you can then select whatever working mic input you have. But it’s hard for us to say why you wouldn’t be getting mixer input to your 505. It may be a question for Roland support forums but I’ll be happy to look at any screenshots and try figure it out!

These are the setting
I will send another 3 more
Pls help me

These are the remaining pics details
Pls help me brother
Grateful thankful

Hi Mano, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the exact set up you’re trying to achieve. Happy to help figure it out but maybe we could arrange a video chat? That way we can talk it through in person and test it. If so you can email us at help@vochlea.co.uk