Dubler io questions

Hi there,

I’m thinking about buying Dubler 2 (and possibly the kit to get the mic, trying to decide about that)

I’m just wondering about the whole IO situation with the software and the mic.

I will be routing to Logic, and I’m using a sort of older USB audio interface (M-Audio Fast Trak Pro)
My dynamic mic that I have (Shure PG58), if I don’t get the kit, is not USB it’s XLR connecting to the interface.

When I’ve plugged in a USB mic before as an input in Logic, I couldn’t use the audio interface at the same time as an input.
Will that be the same with Dubler’s mic, or is it difference because it’s routing thru Dubler 2?

Or if I use my own mic, is it okay to use an XLR mic thru the audio interface, will that create like, latency or anything iike that?

Deciding between getting the mic or not is like, baffling me. And if anyone has any thoughts about whether hte Dubler mic significantly improves their experience - or barely made a diff - I’d love to hear it too!

Thanks so much for any help :slight_smile:

Hi! There will be no issues using your own dynamic mic through an audio interface on Mac. You can use your M-Audio as an input in both Logic and Dubler at the same time, and it shouldn’t cause any latency issues

If you did use our Dubler USB mic our app would handle the input separately, so you could still use the M-Audio as an input in Logic. It wouldn’t interfere in any way as Logic does not need to use the Dubler mic as an audio input.

Let me know if you need any more info!

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This is super helpful, thank you so much!!

I had same problem but i m using on Windows and asio is problem,i m wondering this;Vochlea mic has internal asio drivers or we need to use windows asio drivers again?

The Dubler mic does have it’s own ASIO drivers but these are only for the mic input, in order to get low latency output on windows you will still need to use ASIO drivers in your DAW

If you don’t have an audio interface then ASIO4ALL will be your best bet, but if you need any help setting it up you can email us at help@vochlea.co.uk