Dubler is not recognizing my own mic?

So I got Dubler 2 to use with my own mic, it’s a Shure PG58 (dynamic) connected to my M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface.

Booted it up just now to calibrate, and… I’m having trouble…

I can hear the mic input,
Logic sees the mic input.,
System Preferences even does.

But Dubler just is not recognizing it. It sees the Fast Track Pro, but the signal that is going in via the mic is not being recognized in Dubler, making it impossible to calibrate. I have pressed every button, every dial on my interface to see if something is causing problems, tried the other input, it’s just not working and I have no idea why, but it seems to be Dubler that’s not recognizing it.

I’ve closed/re-opened Dubler. I’ll restart my laptop to be sure (if this post is still here then that did not work)

What can I do next? What other information would be helpful? (I’m on a M1 Macbook Pro running OS X Big Sur 11.7)
Any help would be a lifesaver. Thank you!!

Hi, it sounds like it may be a security preferences issue. Some macs may block Dubler from taking mic inputs but it’s an easy fix. You can follow our article here to get it sorted - https://vochlea.com/tutorials/microphone-recognised-but-no-response-on-mac

Let me know if this solves the problem, if not we can dig a bit deeper

Yes! That was the problem!
Oh man these quasi-hidden permissions!

Thank you SOO MUCH @VochleaLiam!