Dubler2 and uad apollo x8 thunderbolt

hi together i’m new. as the titles says i use the uad apollo x8 thunderbolt audio interface on a windows 7 64 bit system. when i installed the dubler 2 installer it created me a vst plugin which can be find under the vst instruments. when i try to callibrate with the vst version whole cubase crashes immediately. it also installed like a standalone version which doesn’t crash but doesn’t list my apollo x8 interface. no matter what i did, only asio4all driver installation was possible from that point. our microphone is pluged in in the uad apollo interface, buth the standalone version seems not to be connected with dubler and it’s not even possible to calibrate.

thanks for your help

Hi! Sorry you’ve had some issues getting started. Just to clarify the difference between the plugin and standalone app, the Dubler standalone app is the main core of Dubler and is what acts as the MIDI controller. The plugin is an add on that can help record ideas from the Dubler app by applying a cleaning algorithm after to your MIDI clip

The Dubler standalone app must be open and connected to Cubase in order to work as a MIDI input. Unfortunately the apollo interface issue is different to this. We currently can’t detect inputs from Apollo interfaces on Windows due to ASIO driver compatibility. This is mentioned in our minimum system requirements here and FAQs here

If Dubler isn’t compatible with your current setup send us an email at help@vochlea.co.uk and we can take look into this or you can process a return via your Vochlea account